Audio and Video Production

Audio Tech

We offer Music, Dialogues, Sound effects & Foley. It's not just about laying down sounds but creating soundscapes that support the story and give an identity to your film. At KVANATS, audio post-production and Music scoring go hand in hand for a collaborative effort through the entire process.

There are many different kinds of audio pieces, ranging from in-studio discussions, talk shows and phone-ins to field recordings of events such as rallies. Other popular formats are documentaries or features that combine various recordings – such as interviews, background sounds, music and narration.

Video Tech

Today, most customers are accustomed to audio-video, and digital forms of communication. Adding a video or an audio-video presentation to your website considerably improves the quality of the traffic that comes to your website. Such videos also portray your company as a professional, serious, and successful business.

Corporate videos are divided into three different stages; pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-production involves, scripting and storyboarding. Production involves the actual shooting of the video, and post involves editing, incorporating effects, voice-overs, and dubbing. Kaizen Design Studio provides of all the mentioned services at the most reasonable costs.

  • Company Profile & Brand Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Facility Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Creative script writing & direction
  • Storyboarding & screenplay
  • Film production & shooting of video in HD through 1K, 2K & 4K (High definition quality)