About Us

We are the core team of the movie production house KVANATS Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd. having its roots in film industry. We are primarily active in Film Production and all the departments and industries down the pipeline. Our secondary fields of business include Model Development, Portfolio Assembly, Directorial Development, Talent exposure from our shortfilms and documentaries. Keeping the fast pace development in view we also have tertiary sectors which include Human Resource for various positions in the film industry, Media Development, Print Media Publishing and Promotions, Digital Media Promotions, Website Development and Web-designing, Print Graphic Media as well as Motion graphic Media.

Film Production

Being a potential uprising production house, we deal more in film making business than the money making business. Giving the fresh talent, multiple chances to get under spot lights; we help the artist to go through n number of processes in film making to reach the platform of their dreams. It is not only the artist, who is active throughout the process of a movie but many people from various departments in the industry having different roles. We get along with aspiring story writers, script writers, individuals seeking to get into Direction field, talented digital/film editors, vfx and 3D artists. We help them in developing their talent and polishing their skills for bigger projects. We have tieups with various Bollywood, Tollywood and Sandalwood industry insiders who share their experience with the newcomers and help us in motivating and developing the potential in the individual. You will feel lucky to get inside the industry through our production house. You might luckily get a chance to work under our banner in first correspondence itself. Get in contact with us to work in the field you are interested in, by writing to us Here.

Portfolio Development

In film industry nobody has got enough time to meet an artist in person, weigh his plus and minus points to give him the right kind of input he needs be provided with. Although the statement can be falsified, most of the production houses rely on the cating agencies and casting directors for their cast. Here we are not talking about already superstar people but the common man who has got great talent and only needs a platform to showcase. At KVANATS Motion Pictures we help the artist to walk through the stepping-stone processes implemented by our industry to filter the best out of the rest. Right from the first face visit and through the selection process we target on bringing out the core of talent from beneath of coverings of (unrevealed)passion, nostalgia, and nervousness. We develop and provide completion of all the necessary formalities an artist has to go through before he can make it in front of the camera. This also includes enhancement of your physical and mental potential to bear the stress on the production field. We usually sum it into auditions as we are producing movies in the first place and are not a model co-ordinator. If you are interested in photoshoot along with an enrollment in our production, you may give us the details regarding your request to info@kvanatsmotionpictures.com

Web Development

Since Victory Web Technologies merged with KVANATS Motion Pictures, we have been developing bigger and better strategies to get ahead in the race for the best web development, web-service provider and web designer. Every around the corner, one can get in contact with a web designer to quench the needs of the clients as per their requirement. We at 'KVANATS' aim in providing competitive and effective pricing along with high quality of web experience to our clients. With the implementation of latest technologies used in web development we satisfy ourself by providing what the client requires. Moving with the fast pace of advanced tools and latest versions of web development platforms we provide our client with the 'better than the rest option.'

Branding and Advertisement

We had started course of our business from media advertisement and promotions and in return we are benefitted to prosper it further as our secondary field of activity when we are not in schedule for any movie. We develop, support and promote variety of advertisements from different public and private sectors. Formats of our advertisements (promotions) include Print Media - In the form of printed ad on any source including News paper, pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, etc. Digital Media Promotions include Static or Flash ads on various local as well as social advertisement websites including KVANATS Motion Pictures, if the ad has considerable weightage for the Production. Along with advertisement and promotions of various products and businesses, we provide third party promotions for individuals/businesses who are newly established and are in developing stage of their business/career.

Our Team

  • Abhijit Chavan
  • Web Design
  • Sourabh Meshram
  • Post Production
  • Rushikesh Dimber
  • 2D/3D Development
  • Onkar Shevkar
  • 3D Design
  • Dhananjay Joshi
  • Graphics Designer
  • Pawankumar Jagtap
  • Additional Director